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Labo Inc. It is a manufacturing company that provides precise temperature solutions in Heating and Refrigeration. For more than 40 years, it has been producing more than 100 standard models and special design devices such as Refrigerated Heated Circulator, Bain-marie Water Bath, Chiller, Temperature Calibration Bath, Viscosity Bath, Special Size Sample Conditioning Pools. It develops devices that can be accessed and controlled from anywhere with IOT (internet of things) technology in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, which provides in addition to its precision production capability up to 0.001 °C between -80 °C and +250 °C.

What Is Circulator?

The simplest form of a refrigerated and heating circulator has a liquid chamber, heating and/or refrigerated system and temperature control mechanism. Refrigerated and heating circulators are mostly used for providing the needed optimum temperature for samples in laboratories. Especially, precision temperature control has critical importance in various experiments. The samples can be kept in a constant temperature. Circulators make much more differences than the old test methods in order to increase the efficiency and the quality of the product in the laboratory works. Also they have many integrations with external devices. Refrigerated and heating circulators provide synchronous works and applications under the bath chamber. Some circulators are used for connecting to another devices. Such as, stable temperature jackets, rotary evaporation, viscometers and so on…

There are various models depending on the performance and the needed temperature. The temperature ranges can be as wide as -80/+250°C and the pump flows can be increase until 26 liters per minute. Quality control, R&D, calibration  activities, viscosity tests, closed circuit systems, general laboratory cooler, temperature resistance tests, bacteriological research, charpy impact tests are the most common usage areas. All Labo refrigerated and heating circulators consist of environmentally friendly circulators. Thanks to its strong insulation structures and silent hermetic cooling systems, heat losses are at minimum level. Therefore, the efficiency is quite high.

Refrigerated and Heating Circulators

What Is Water Bath?

A water bath is one of the most basic tools in a laboratory. It is used for testing samples at the desired temperature for a long time. The user can adjust the desired temperature with digital control panel (LED). A water bath can be divided into 3 main components: A heating unit, a stainless steel chamber in order to holding the water and samples and the control panel. It is needed in various areas including; incubation, material, corrosion tests, temperature control applications of the cultivates, food and beverage tests and so on… The inner chamber is completely smooth and there is no any prevented tool for transportation of the samples. Therefore, the whole inner surface can be used safely for temperature control even with small sample containers.

The design and sizes of the water baths are various. The capacity of a standard model is between 12-35 liters. All water baths can be work until 100°C although, if the needed temperature is higher than 100°C, oil bath or silicon oil should be prefered. For different solutions, there are shaking and rotating water baths as well.

The user had better check if there is water or not in the inner chamber. When the water bath is in operating, there must be a certain amount of water so that the water bath can be protected against burns and in case of overheating. If there is a little or no water, a sufficient amount of pure water should be added or the extra pure water shoud be drained. Pure water is very important for a long-life water bath because it reduces situations like calcification and prevents possible contamination.

Water Baths
We take our place at Analytica 2024 !
We take our place at Analytica 2024 !

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We are participating in the ANKIROS 2024 !

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