About Us

Labo has been at the forefront of sustainable living in the field of high-precision temperature control solutions since 1981. Redesigning temperature control to find new solutions for human needs and making people's work easier for a sustainable world forms the essence of Labo's story.

When it first opened its doors in 1981 and produced Türkiye's first Climate Chamber, it had already set out on a journey towards remarkable achievements fueled by imagination.

Labo develops and manufactures heated and cooled liquid baths that perform liquid temperature control tasks with a precision of 0.01°C, ranging from -190°C to 425°C. Today, it is a large family that undertakes a wide range of installation, design, and mass production projects for solution partners, leaving its mark on global and special projects.

Labo's mission is to provide temperature-conditioned environments for standardization efforts in industries. It offers products that ensure precise temperature control in research and industrial organizations, laboratories, pilot plants, and production processes, and exports to 40 countries. While innovating to redefine the limits that its products can reach, Labo's commitment to quality, reliability, and durability has been a legacy of its corporate values since 1981.

The production quality in international standards, customer satisfaction, sustainability-focused corporate management, and a sense of social responsibility will continue to be the driving force behind Labo's efforts to redesign temperature.