What is Charpy Impact Test?

Charpy Cooling Baths and Charpy Test

The general purpose of the Charpy Impact Test is to determine the amount of energy required for the fracture of metallic materials under dynamic loading and to identify the ductile-brittle transition temperature. During this process, the sample/material must have a transition temperature below the ambient temperature.

Charpy Impact Test Process

The impact resistance of materials changes with temperature. During the tests, the sample temperature should not differ more than ±2°C from the specified temperature value. For tests conducted at temperatures below zero, Labo Charpy Cooling Baths are used to rapidly condition the samples within the bath's liquid, allowing them to be prepared for impact testing. In this sensitive phase, we strongly advise against methods such as refrigeration, nitrogen cooling, and conditioning.

For higher temperatures, the CP series Charpy baths, which operate within a temperature range of -80°C to +100°C, will greatly facilitate your work.

The heated or cooled sample must fracture within 5 seconds. A stainless steel basket with a capacity of 100 samples and a specialized sample tongs that enable the placement and removal of samples into and from the Charpy device without manual handling are often used in tests due to its special production with very low heat conduction.

In general, as temperature decreases, the impact resistance of the material also decreases. Depending on temperature, the drop in impact resistance in materials can occur suddenly or within a certain temperature range.

(Different fracture types occurring in the material at different "T" values)

In engineering applications, the T5 temperature holds greater significance compared to other temperatures. This is because the material tested behaves completely brittle below this temperature, making it unusable at temperatures below it. Therefore, the T5 temperature is taken as the transition temperature, and this temperature is the zero ductility temperature.

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